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Earn a minimum of 10% interest per year compounded daily and a maximum of 16% per year with our Progressive Interest Accelerator.

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  • No Lock-In Contracts.

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BitSprout offers you full flexibility by allowing you to add additional funds to your account and withdraw at any time without restrictions.

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Earn Compound Interest Daily On Your Entire Account Balance

Our daily Compound Interest Payments are one of the most powerful ways to increase your BTC assets and ensure long-term financial stability.

Put Your Digital Assets to Work & Start Earning Daily Returns.

Many bitcoin investors leave their assets dormant on the exchange in which they purchased them. However, this strategy doesn’t help them grow their investment holdings or build overall wealth. A BitSprout Interest Account enables individuals and companies to store their bitcoin in a safe and secure environment while simultaneously earning interest on the total balance held in their account. Signing up for an account takes less than 2 minutes and you can start earning interest in bitcoin the very same day your account is approved.

Get Paid Daily.

Account balances are calculated on a daily basis (including weekends). The annual interest rate is conveniently divided into daily interest payments that are automatically credited to your account balance and reinvested for you. This allows you to increase your investment position as well as earn compound interest on both your initial investment and your daily profits. Your daily interest payment will increase or decrease depending on how often you withdraw or add additional funds to your account balance.


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